Rekomando: Gravity || Spoken Word on Atheism

So… if God really cares, but belief is a prerequisite then why doesn’t he appear, take my doubt and sequester it?

With a public miracle or a television appearance LIVE at 6, I’d be a faithful adherent.
This might offend believers and I’m sorry about that but I’m going to carry on heedless
if faith is paramount and science needless then hell must be full of overachievers
you see it seems to me that if belief is key then hell must be one hell of a party
the great minds are there, I’ve no doubt about it I’ll take this time though to discuss the devout.

They might seem fine but it can’t be denied they talk to an omnipotent man in their mind
I sit back politely witnessing the absurd as decisions are being made based on voices unheard
I’m going to clarify now so you don’t misconstrue what I’m saying
ask any proud believer, this is essentially what they’re stating.
They want to get to heaven which is reliant on them behaving
but the law of their lord is not open to debating
so when push comes to shove the law or our land is a plaything
they play by their own rules and we’re expected to placate them
there’s a voice in their head and they follow its will
and that’s fine when it says give to charity but sometimes it says kill and if its will is to kill then they are willing and able, they literally invented murder, just read Cain and Abel.
This ideology is frighteningly unstable, we need to educate people beyond this dangerous fable.

I know what’s coming next.

“Yeah but if you’d seen what I’ve seen you wouldn’t be making such a scene I’ve experienced miracles man, God moved through me”

Well that’s great.. but with just a little read you’d see your miracles can be explained by basic psychology.

You see..

When you avoid proof and keep your distance there’s a reason for that, they call it cognitive dissonance and when you decry facts to justify what you believe in there’s a name for that too, it’s called illogical reasoning, these are defence mechanisms to avoid an emotional upheaving your mind will do almost anything to keep you believing.

Now while I’m on the topic I’ll address the agnostics sitting on the fence wondering why I’m so caustic they say:

“Bro. Stop being such a dick it doesn’t affect us man just let people think what they think”

But it does affect us. Consider the time and lives wasted if it weren’t for religion we mightn’t have had the dark ages
we could have conquered poverty and be flying around in spaceships instead we’re earthbound bickering about gay relations.

I’ll finish soon and I won’t go on but I know an author more enlightening than John, his name is Dawkins he uses logic you can’t refute
I recommend his books, they helped free my mind from recluse.

It’s time we face facts.

The universe is cold and uncaring which implies that we’re alone and it’s scary I can’t deny that but if you like it or not it’s still the truth. Deny gravity but you’ll still fall off the roof.

Poem by Harley Neville

Music by Mike Newport:
Edited by Craig Macintosh

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